Hond The History And Development Of Honda By Soichiro Honda

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When Soichiro Honda was a young boy; he always had a great interest in the field of automobiles. In Japan he worked as mechanic in a tuning shop. In his earlier time of carrier he made pistons designs for Toyota which later on were rejected because of flaws indication in them. But he did not give up, he started from the scratch build the pistons again and this time he was able to overcome the flaws which were indicated earlier in his piston designs. This was accepted by the Toyota and they offered him a contract to make pistons for them.
After his acceptance of the contract, he started making pistons for Toyota but after a few times the factory was destroyed due to an earthquake in Japan. In his carrier this was not the only hurdle he had to face during world war 2 companies were not given gas facility to produce their goods this was also a set back because Mr. Honda had so many invention ideas which came to a halt because of this issue. But regarding all these problems he made an institute in Hamamatsu, Japan named Honda Technical Research Institute. Over there he was eager to produce a 2-cycle Motorbike. To make such invention he needed a great amount of capital. During World War 2 he started to collaborate with 18000 cycle builders of Japan to make such invention and the purpose he gave to these cycle builders was that they should all contribute for the people of Japan at war. Through this he was able to gain enough capital and was also able to make the first motorcycle named “Honda Cub”. This was the first step of Honda to make a great name in the market of the world. Soon in 1964 Honda was the largest motorbikes producer.



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...e management of HACPL considers the proposals/Suggestions of its staff up to an excellent extent. It appreciates the staff during this regard through financial or Non-financial advantages. Management of HACPL place nice stress on making Associate in Nursing and maintaining an enterprise setting within the company that maximizes the interest and motivations of its staff that is incredibly very important to reinforce labour productivity and potency.

The Management of HACPL features a read of continuous improvement so as for the higher Utilization of resources and rising Honda whole image within the market. HACPL is attempting at its uttermost to introduce and implement higher internal control procedures, redesigning the assembly method, automating the total plant etc. workers involvement is taking part in important role during this regard.
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