Homosexuals in the Land of the Free...But Not for All...

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“When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free” – President Barack Obama. Homosexual couples are very controversial in the government. Laws and religions disapprove of homosexual couples. New laws are in process and people are beginning to act more accepting towards them. The media has given Americans a way of accepting them with the help of celebrity opinions and gay and lesbian couples on TV. Even though laws and religious beliefs do not fully support the gay and lesbian lifestyle, the media has made it more acceptable and there should be more support for homosexuals in order to avert discrimination. There are many laws prohibiting homosexuals from enjoying the same rights as other U.S. citizens. Many laws prohibit gay and lesbian couples from marrying; a right everyone should be able to receive. DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA defines marriage as a relationship between a man and woman. When lower courts started questioning DOMA’s constitutionality, they realized the bad reactions it was causing. The Supreme Court conducted a closer view on the issue and called DOMA unconstitutional (Same- Sex Marriage in the Courts). DOMA has taken advantage of its power in the government. Once the Supreme Court gave a closer look at DOMA’s laws they realized it was unconstitutional. If the Supreme Court viewed DOMA as unconstitutional, there must have been something wrong with the law. There are still a majority of states not allowing gays to marry. With new laws and court cases, this will continue to be a controversial topic. The gay and lesbian community faces many religious oppositions from churches. Religions enforce their beliefs strongly on the homosexuals if... ... middle of paper ... ...e of homosexuals in the American society. Religions and laws oppose the gay community, but as our society is shifting and changing celebrities have changed the way America accepts homosexuals. Religions see homosexuals as a sin. They aren’t accepted in many of the religions and aren’t allowed to marry in various states. Even though they aren’t accepted in our society, the media and celebrities are changing our views and the acceptance they receive. Take in mind we all want the right to marry the person who we love. The gay community doesn’t have the benefit of marrying their couple in many states or have the acceptance in their church. Allowing gay marriages to occur will benefit many children who don’t have loving homes and families. Homosexuals are people as well and should have the right of acceptance in their country. We are the land of the free are we not?
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