Homosexuality and Ignorance

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Ignorance about a subject can cause people to be against the subject. Not knowing about a subject can make people to feel hesitant, uncomfortable and obviously unsure. Throughout history there are many examples of people who are ignorant about a subject and react violently or inappropriately towards others. Homosexuality is definitely one of the most common subjects people are ignorant about. It causes children to be shunned, disowned, and embarrassed mainly due to parents and peers who do not choose to educate themselves but remain ignorant. There are some Americans who choose to stay ignorant and lack tolerance to diversity and eventually affect individuals like David Piden, young closeted homosexuals too afraid to truly show themselves. Educating our youth on homosexuality can encourage our nation to intercept the pattern of ignorance on the subject and help young Americans to build a tolerance to diversity.
It had been nearly six months since David was severely beaten and left to die. David Piden glared down at his shaking hand as the attorney continued to question him. David appeared startled as he glanced up at the two young faces of his attackers. In the compact courtroom it was hard for David to avoid seeing their bright orange jumpsuits with coal black numbers written on the chest pocket. The attorney interrupted Davids thoughts “What would you define your relationship with my client before the events of April 13th?”. David hesitantly replied “We were good friends, we had grown up together since kindergarten. We went to all of the same schools, lived in the same neighborhood and played on the same football team.” The attorney nodded as he moved closer to the jury and asked “In your words could you explain to the court the...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ignorance about a subject can cause people to feel hesitant, uncomfortable, and obviously unsure. homosexuality is one of the most common subjects people are ignorant about.
  • Narrates how david piden glared down at his shaking hand as the attorney continued to question him. david was startled as he looked up at the two young faces of his attackers.
  • Narrates how the attorney interrupted "what names mr. piden?" david kept asking them why they were calling him names and throwing sticks and rocks over his head. the attorney saw the story david told had struck a nerve with the jury.
  • Opines that parents should not be concerned about whether or not their children will choose the lifestyle for themselves because it isn't a choice.
  • Explains that many people in the world are affected by homosexuality everyday of their lives. many homosexuals like david suffer from verbal abuse and name calling.
  • Opines that it is important that parents and americans educate their children on the importance of having a tolerance for diversity.
  • Explains how picture books play a role in children's development. the childrens book review, 6 nov. 2010. carter, margie.
  • Explains that hiskey, daven, richardson, parnell, and cole's "and tango makes three." simon & schuster for young readers, 2005.
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