Homosexuality and Human Rights

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Have you ever been treated so unfairly, but knew there was very little you could do to change it? If so, then you know exactly how many of the homosexuals in the world feel about the right to marry. Many homosexuals feel that this right has been kept just out of reach for them, due to others who despise them. These individuals believe that being gay is wrong, immoral and disgusting; but this is definitely not the case. Gay marriage should be allowed in the United States because this decision supports the idea of equal rights, the effectiveness of children with homosexual parents, and this act would do no harm to society.

As stipulated in the definition of Equal Rights, the bill of rights contains ten amendments. It is inside these ten amendments that the right to separation of church and state is held (Lewis 3). Since this is the case, based on this amendment, all homosexuals should be allowed to marry, no matter if it is against certain religions or not. When it comes to this particular topic though, religion is no longer disregarded, but is instead pushed to the forefront where it suddenly matters more than someone’s happiness. This is not an example of the freedom our country claims to give.

Being married is not a quick ceremony and a fun filled week. “By legalizing their commitment, a couple ensures that their relationship is recognized and respected by every facet of society” (Kafka 24). By legalizing gay marriage, gays have a chance to experience this immense joy of being accepted by everyone, and not have to hide their relationship or be ridiculed. Many gay couples have domestic partnerships, but in a number of states these partnerships mean very little. It was best worded by Troy Perry when he said,


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...Land is okay with that, “If the gay couple next door wants to marry, that’s fine with me. This world needs all the outward expressions of love it can get. My marriage is not threatened or devalued in any way, shape or form” (Land 31).

In conclusion, gay marriage should be allowed in the United States because it supports the idea of equal rights, and it would do no harm to children with homosexual parents, or society. When gays are denied marriage, not only are they denied that right, but many other rights as well. This is completely unacceptable. By making gay marriage legal, the government is setting up a world in which everyone is balanced. This is one of the true next steps in making the world more fair, and ensuring that the future society is more open-minded than today’s. That is one thing that everyone can certainly work towards together, without a doubt.
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