Homosexuality: Its Natural

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For decades people have struggled with their feelings of homosexuals. Homosexuality used to be something that a person hid. If a person was gay, they would do almost anything to make sure that no one found out. If the public found out about a person being homosexual, they labeled that as being sick or twisted. They were also, at times, presented with rude comments about how they chose to live their life. However, times are changing and while still being presented with discrimination more and more people are letting their gay status be known to the world. Not all people support the idea of a man or women spending their lives with someone of the same sex. Both politics and the public are at a stalemate with their own beliefs of how the situation showed be handled. As time goes on though people are becoming more and more accepting of homosexuality, which was a huge taboo about forty years ago. Society has become used to the idea and reality of homosexuality and allowed it grow in every community. They have even started debates to allow same sex couples the same rights and freedom as any other couple in the country. While not all people agree with this movement the numbers of people who do show support is growing over the years.
Homosexuality, dates almost everywhere over last millennium. How can something be so wrong if it predates the bible and most known religions in today’s time. I believe the earliest known evidence of same sex couples is from Greece (Pickett). I guess what I am trying to get at is why do we have so much hatred for something that has been going on since the time of the ancient world powers. Like in the cultures of the Romans, Greeks, pretty much all the cultures that grow and prospered around the Mediterrane...

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...uple is made of two gay people this does not mean they do not have the capacity to love and provide for a child. So why not give them chance to do so and provide homes for a child who is in need of one. This is another big issue that goes along gay marriage.
Society has come a long way in learning to accept homosexuality but; it still has a long way to go. Even though not every person in society will grow to accept homosexuality, the more that do the, better off same sex couples will be. If the rate of acceptance keeps growing the way it isn’t, do not be surprised if a gay couple is living beside you, with kids running around the yard. Society has changed so much over the years that we are becoming more and more accepting of things, and people who are different from us. This shows that though it causes great controversy homosexuality is just part of human nature.
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