Homosexuality In The Military

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All through the assorted cultures and sexuality around the world, a diverse of sexual preferences exist. Although homosexuality is mostly critiqued in society, it no longer is in the military. Historically, homosexuality has been accepted by some individuals in society, while others have denied it. For instance, Christianity has refused homosexuals by the Bible’s admonition: “Thou shalt not lie with men, as with women, it is an abomination”(Bible). In 1993, in a venture to suppress protests from the LGBT community, the President in office (Bill Clinton) launched the “don't ask, don't tell” policy (DADT) inside of the U.S. armed forces. The system indicated that homosexuals citizens could still serve in the military, they could not be allowed…show more content…
Homosexuals are denied up to 100 benefits that what it's called “NORMAL” couples would(American Progress). In June 2013, the DOMA act was passed by the supreme court in the United States. The DOMA act discriminates all same-sex couples and that the federal government should treat them equally like a heterosexual couple when speaking in military benefits(Gain Full Benefits). Now, same-sex couples can file their tax return as a couple. Unfortunately, this has not been applied to Social Security Benefits. These are some of the benefits that same-sex couples receive, Spousal Identification Card ,Tricare medical insurance coverage, Dependent-rate housing allowance, Family separation allowance, ability to move off base to live with a spouse, command-sponsored visas, access to military installations and facilities, including base; commissaries; exchanges; morale, Welfare and recreation centers; Family Center programs, joint duty assignments, and access to legal assistance (After DOMA). The DOMA act was designed to bring together heterosexual couples and to forbid benefits to same-sex…show more content…
Homosexuals go through a phase of acceptance all over again doubting themselves. The policy that was forced in the military affected LGBT couples in various ways. Same-sex soldiers would not socialize with the fellow soldiers because of the fear of their mates finding their sexual orientation. Being closeted soldiers they could have gone into depression, feel isolated from everyone else, and hopeless. A current Air Force soldier who preferred to be anonymous stated: “ I came to terms with myself as a gay man and began an emotional journey during which I realized I was struggling under the DADT policy.” this is one of many individuals that have gone through a rough time with the “don't ask, don't tell” policy. On the other hand, Straight cadet is very supportive of gay cadets in the military. A current straight soldier whose name is Matthew Bennett alleged that “Every soldier I have ever met I have treated with the same respect as anyone else unless they would do or say something to me otherwise. If I felt they are incapable of doing a job because of work performance, then I would have someone else do it instead. I have met many homosexual men and women inside the military and many of them are good soldiers, better than some who are straight. The majority of the military does not care who you sleep with as long as you act professionally and are able to
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