Homosexuality Bisexuality And Homosexuality

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The acceptance of gender and sexuality are changing in the United States. Gender is what we are biologically, where sexuality is in regards to whom we are attracted to. In the past there were defined lines of what was accepted in marriage and what was clearly not accepted. Heterosexuality was the only thing accepted, the union of a man and a woman. Homosexuality was defined as a moral sin. Over the past couple of years these views have been changing drastically. Same-sex marriage is legally accepted in 32 states, however 18 states still ban same-sex marriage. More than same-sex marriage is being accepted, transgender and bisexuality are now being accepted along with homosexuality. Of course not everyone agrees with these changing views, but never the less changing. Over the past decade or so, a very high percentage of Americans accept homosexuality, bisexuality and…show more content…
It is a discrimination of freedom of choice. Freedom and rights are a defining characteristic of the American people. This freedom is lost, is still denied to individuals who still do not have the right to choose their sexuality or who they want to marry or if they want to change their gender to how they feel. All people should have to right to marry whom they wish. By telling them that they can’t is discrimination. This also prevents significant health inequalities as insurance sometimes does not cover same-sex marriage couples or even their children. Same goes for transgender and bisexuals. This is important because it’s a topic that directly affects people’s happiness in their lives. Everyone deserves to be happy with who that are. It is not up to other people to decide what is okay and not okay when it does not affect their personal life directly. The feeling of rejection of who they are as a person had a negative effect on an individual and can lead to depression, shame, and low
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