Homosexuality And Normality In Media

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The Social Constructs of Homosexuality Depicted through Media Media is a means of mass communication that has many shapes and forms. How each individual perceives media directly affects their thoughts and bias of a subject, and it shapes our society due to what is deemed as normal. With the reinforcement of values, bodies, and representations, media has created social norms that shape our lives and opinions. The media is used to help construct our society by creating normality (heterosexuality). Anything outside of the norms placed in our society are deemed as wrong or out of place (homosexuality). Homosexuality is portrayed as an “outside of the box” sexuality that is rendered abnormal because it is different from the regular values and…show more content…
Normalization is the process of bringing or returning something to a normal condition or state. With the recurrence of queer characters in media, society may feel that it has become normalized or more accepting. But there is a difference between being tolerant and accepting, since the media is depicted through heterosexual normative eyes, there is an extent to which homosexuality is displayed. The homosexuality displayed is the reinforcement of heterosexual normalization. By strongly defining homosexuality as being secretive and effeminate then you are defining heterosexuality as masculine and out because they are defined by what the other one is not. The entire show Nashville itself is a limiting sphere that reinforces what it means to be heterosexual by proving that Will is not. Kuhar explains normalization as “Media representations of normal homosexuality are representations tailored to the perception of heterosexuals in such a way that they do not threaten their world” (Kuhar, ). This explains how the creator of the show placed a queer character in the show not to make the world more accepting to homosexuality but to strengthen the already strong ties of what it means to be normal (heterosexual). Making homosexuality “normal” or displaying queer characters as anything other than being different, unnatural, or closeted threatens heterosexuality. Displaying homosexuality as normal would mean that homosexual men could be more than just effeminate males that are attracted to other males. That is why Kuhar claims, “the homosexual became a normal citizen, yet still a member of a clearly distinct social minority, one that indeed should be tolerated but only as long as it does not challenge heterosexual domination”(Kuhar, 90). This means we only tolerate homosexuality in society and in television shows because it does not threaten heterosexuality. Heterosexuality allows homosexuality to be
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