Homosexuality And Homosexuality

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HIV/AIDS is a global problem. Although 85 percent of HIV/AIDS cases are located in in region of Africa and South Asia, modern transportation and technology foster the rapid spread of people and their products throughout the world (How, Guadamuz, Wei, Chan, & Koe, 2012). Consequently the virus break up without regard for geographic or civil boundaries. The United Nations estimates there are closely 35 million people living with HIV and over 70 percent of the viral infection occur through sex between men and men and men and women and men (CDC, 2012). Furthermore, HIV is a widespread in conditions where poverty, lack of education and political instability are multiplying and where the value of life, the rights of individuals and dignity of homosexual men are not inviolable (McKay, 2016). Over the past three decades, there has been an increase of epidemic proportion in the number of homosexuality According to Adams et al., is to examine the importance of the cultures direct and indirect messages about HIV/AIDS and homosexuality take their toll on their community (Adams, et al., 2015). There are strongly and constantly felt by all of them,…show more content…
Community and their HIV related risk behavior and psychological functioning in the AIDS era. Recognizing that HIV/AIDS now represents an ongoing fact life and death for the gay community rather than a transient crisis, an increasing body of empirical research conceptualizes HIV/AIDS as one of many stressors confronting the community (Goldstein , Burstyn, Le Vasseur, & Welles, 2016). Some researchers have addressed issues such as the psychological impact of HIV related among gay and the broader impact of HIV on the community (Folkman, Goldberger, & Breznitz, 2009). Others have discussed ways in which variations in the construction of identify can affect risk behaviors (Eaton , Kalishman, & Cherry,

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