Homosexual Soldiers

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When I think of the military I think about the camaraderie between soldiers, the bonds that tie them closer than brothers, and the willingness of one to die for another. I think about the long hours at work, the cramped living quarters and shared showers. I think about long deployments on ships where three hundred and fifty Sailors and Marines live in a single room. My husband had the privilege of serving in the United States Marine Corps for eight years, six of which we were married. I have witnessed the military men and women serve our country to the best of their ability, enduring endless hardships. I have also heard some service members voice concerns over the idea of openly gay men and women serving in the ranks. The introduction of openly practicing homosexuals into the military would cause unnecessary distractions and have a negative effect on unit cohesion. Sexual relations, both heterosexual and homosexual, have no place in the military. The military has had rules regarding sexual conduct for many decades. Soldiers are not allowed to be practicing homosexuals, they are not allowed to have sex with superiors and they are not allowed to have sex while participating in combat and peacetime missions, just to name a few restrictions. To a civilian the military rules regarding sexual conduct may seem archaic, but in the military discipline and stability are vital (Sowell). If military members are sleeping with one another it breaks down unit cohesion by putting the individual priorities ahead of the group priorities. A service member who is having sexual relations with his or her superior may receive preferential treatment. A combat soldier who is having sex with another soldier may be more likely to ensure his... ... middle of paper ... ... 2010 . Glenn, David. "A Fresh Look at the Lives of Civil War Soldiers Reveals the High Price of Diversity." Chronicle of Higher Education 55.25 (2009): A12-A14. Hackworth, David. "The key issue is trust." Newsweek 120.21 (1992): 1. Hunter, Duncan. "Untimely Rush to Appeal." USA Today (2010). —. "Untimely Rush to Repeal." USA Today (2010). Power, Rod. "About.Com: US Military." 5 May 2010. 6 June 2010 . Quittner, Jeremy. "The truth about "unit cohesion"." Advocate 28 September 2004: 28-89. Sowell, Dr. Thomas. "Homosexuals in the Military." Forbes 21 December 1992: 146. —. "Homosexuals in the Military." Forbes 150.14 (1992): 1. "The Pentagon's real gay policy: Ask, don't listen." Harper's Magazine 287.1722 (1993): 26-28.