Homosexual Parenting

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An issue in today’s society is the “debate” on gay and lesbian parenting. Some people seem to think that the parenting styles between homosexuals and heterosexuals differ; are children affected by being raised in a homosexual parenting home? As same-sex couples are beginning to be able to be more open with their relationships because the world is becoming more accepting of the idea of the couples, same-sex parenting is starting to rise as well. This topic is incredibly controversial because there are people who think same sex couples should not be able to have children together, these reasons need to be addressed. Same-sex couples are running into the obstacle of overcoming the moral, religious, and legal opinions of others in order to be able to do the natural thing of parenting. Artificial insemination, surrogacy, and adoption same-sex couples have been given the ability to become a parent. One of the major concerns is that homosexual parenting may affect children in the long run as far as gender confusion, psychological problems, and many are concerned that this parenting style could cause children to be homosexual themselves, but what is the problem with that? In ”Lesbian and Gay Parenting: babes in arms or babes in the woods?” (2005) Damian McCann and Howard Delmonte argue that these concerns are nothing to be worried about. They state, “The vast majority of children of lesbian and gay parents not only grow up to be heterosexual young adults, but also seem to be more aware and comfortable than their heterosexual counterparts about sexual orientation.” These authors also state that these children on average actually can be closer to their birth mothers, forming healthier relationships than the researched heterosexual compari... ... middle of paper ... ... in having children of their own. I now understand the issues that societies are worried about with this population, and also research based evidence of these issues playing out in real families. In doing this research I think I could shed light on the positive effects of gay and lesbian parenting, that in reality, society does not have to view this topic as an issue, but as another way of life. Works Cited McCann, D., & Delmonte, H. (2005). Lesbian and gay parenting: babes in arms or babes in the woods?. Sexual & Relationship Therapy, 20(3), 333-347. doi:10.1080/14681990500141840 Hicks, S. (2005). Is Gay Parenting Bad for Kids? Responding to the 'Very Idea of Difference' in Research on Lesbian and Gay Parents. Sexualities, 8(2), 153-168. Lamanna & Riedmann, M. &. A. (2009). Marriages and Families. 
(10 Ed.). Belmont, California: Thomson Higher Education.

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