Homosexual Adoption

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All over the world, there are children who are waiting to be adopted. However, in some states in the united states same sex couples are not allowed to adopt them while many heterosexual couples who are unfit to raise a child are allowed to keep and abuse their children. I am of the opinion that only people who can actually care for a child should be allowed to have one, and if same sex couples want to adopt them, they should be allowed to. For example, I have seen a lot of children who have been burned or beat by their parents; parents who abuse their children physically are obviously unfit to care for children and should not be allowed to keep them. So then, which parents can have children? The answer is simple, parents who can care for their children emotionally and fiscally should be allowed to have them, regardless of their sexual orientation. In a parent-child relationship, the most important person is the child. If a parentless baby will have a better life if adopted, it should not matter whether the person who adopts the child is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. The issue being considered should be if the child will have a loving and caring home with their foster parents. The love for the children should be the same as for heterosexual parents, and there is not a proof that homosexual couple are bad parents. Even though it is not the same for the children to have two man or two women as parents, they will still love their children, and that is what really matter when will it comes to the children needs. For example, same sex couples will pay more attention to their child, go to their game or any after school activities because they want their children to know they love and care for them. Opponents of this view says ... ... middle of paper ... ...g the same blood or gender is not what makes a family; a family is made through caring, love and respect, and it is what same sex parents give to their children. For example, I have a friend who is gay, and he grew up in a traditional family. However, his parents never accepted him the way he was, and they always trying to make him change. Some people may argue that who can prove that a homosexual will mistreat their child. whether one is heterosexual or homosexual it does not matter are good parents; homosexual tend to be better parent than traditional parents. By having two moms or dads will not confuse the child what confuses the child is growing up in a bad parenting home. Being a good parent means taking care of your child, provide food and clothing, and love them with all their heart; there is no rules that says to be a good parenting one needs to be straight.
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