Homophobia Case Study

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To me homophobia is an act of having hatred or no acceptance of a person thats not straight. So the people who fall under this category would be lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex and bisexual people. Heterosexism is a bias or discrimination against homosexuals. People that believe in this are the ones that believe heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation. These are simply assumptions pushing them to believe in heterosexism. Sexism to me is a social disease. Sexism is driven off of discrimination based on sex. Homophobia is when you’re afraid of people who are known to be gay. An example of this would be, if you tell your children to steer clear of strangers and the stranger ends up being a homosexual they will label
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For example gay rights are now allowed in the 50 states and you were one of the people opposed to this because you don’t believe that two people of the same sex can be together. You only see two humans together if only one is a man and the other is a woman. Sexism is a term that came from woman talking about men who didn 't see them as equals. For example a man expressing himself and believing that they are superior to women. Usually men that believed in this believed in a patriarchal society meaning a society controlled by men. All these concepts are overlap each other because each one of these is a bias against another person, another human being. All three terms are against something. If you believe in heterosexism nine times out of ten you also are a homophobic person. This can be for male or female. But if you’re a male sexism can definitely be one of your plate as well because if you hate gays and lesbians you most likely hate women too. You could hate the facts of a woman being in power or a gay person being in power. A lot of men would fall to their knees if a woman was president or even worse a gay person. Then they would probably off themselves. The worse part of all this is raising a kid to only see that being straight is the only way to live then them growing up to hate anybody…show more content…
They begin as nerds who can’t lift weights or get the girls they want, but after working out and getting some coaching, they take revenge on the black “gangsters” that are keeping them from getting what they want which was girls and populairty. Pascoe talks on the experience, saying how this superiority of masculinity defines many of these students. Sexuality, masculinity, and race play a huge part in many of these students’ lives. She said my findings illustrate that masculinity is not a homogenous category that any boy possesses by virtue of being male. Rather, masculinity – as constituted and understood in the social world is a configuration of practices and discourses that different youths (boys and girls) may embody in different ways and to different degrees. Masculinity, in this sense, is associated with, but not reduced or solely equivalent to, the male body. The boys achieved masculinity by “Repeated repudiation of the specter of failed masculinity” which in other words meant throwing homophobic slurs at each other and heterosexist discussions of girls, their bodies, and sexual experiences. R.W. Connell talks about the multiple masculinities and says that there is not a single masculine role but there is different roles or categories for masculinity. Hegemonic masculinity which supports gender inequality in general which is the top of the hierarchy.

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