Homophobia And Gender Treachery

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Gender Treachery: Homophobia, Masculinity, And Threatened Identities The paper mentioned above, was written by Patrick Hopkins, is all about gender and the role that gender plays in our society. Sexuality, Heterosexuality, Gender roles, Identity and identity development are the issues of discussion here. It is all about gender treachery the way we use genders to look up to people and look down upon certain misfortunate ones. Prejudice against lesbians and gay men, is widespread in our society. Although attitudes toward lesbians and gay men have become less negative over the course of the past 30 years, and especially during the last decade, the majority still view homosexuality as morally unacceptable. That’s what makes it such a threatened identity. Homophobia is the common issue at stake here, but the question that arises in our minds is why can’t we just accept things as they are. Homosexuality and cross dressing represent human sexuality diversity. Since these lifestyles are generally not acceptable, homophobia and discomfort of cross dressers exist. Hopkins suggests that educating heterosexuals about homosexuality results in a reduction of homophobia. The idea is to create awareness in the society; these issues just can’t be hid behind and forgotten about, if they are present we have to sit up and take notice. Mr. Hopkins rightly calls such an attitude totally biased. The bias against women is closely related to the bias against homosexuals. It appears at first that the bias against male homosexuals is based on what they do in bed. But the deeper reason is that homosexual males are not loyal to their gender. In other words it is because they do things that are not manly. Psychological sophistication and social critique revea...

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...ow he is. The point is that female and/or sexual identity cannot be compartmentalized in this way, and the attempt to do so inevitably ends in disaster. Today, we live in a world we called modern, but have we learnt to tolerate others? For three decades gay liberation has worked to change straight people's opinions of gays, lesbians, and homosexuality itself. But it's not as simple as that it's not straights' views about gays that really matter. It's their views of themselves. As long as good equals masculine, gay equals feminine, and feminine equals bad, boys are going to use homophobia to prove themselves, no matter how many essays people write and people read about it. It isn't just transforming attitudes about homosexuality; it's transforming attitudes about gender and masculinity. Unless we succeed in doing that, we're just treating the symptoms, not the cause.
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