Homo Sapiens: Evolution: Human And Human Evolution

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What is evolution? Evolution is a theory in which over a large periodical amount of time living things change physical features or behaviors to become the way they are. Now the big question is did humans magically appear on Earth? The answer is no. Humans evolved in a very slow manner over a large amount of time. Scientists have proven human physical and behavioral characteristics evolved from ape-like ancestors. Evidence has also shown that these characteristics took approximately six millions years to become the way they are now. Modern human beings are scientifically known as Homo Sapiens. There are similarities that can easily be observed in physical and genetic traits thus proving humans and apes have some sort of relations. The great apes of Africa, such as chimpanzees and gorillas, share a common ancestor with modern day humans that dates back to six to eight million years ago.…show more content…
Chimpanzees and gorillas only exceeds half that capacity. This is an adaptation known as encephalization, which initiated with a species known as Homo Habilis. Encephalization is the increment in brain mass compared to an animal’s body mass ratio. The Homo Habilis species generally had a 600cm brain capacity which was slightly larger than a chimpanzee. The word “habilis” originates from latin and is translated to handy or skillful. These generally advanced species were the first to associate with stone tools. They were considered to be the direct ancestor of modern day humans however fossil discoveries have proven Homo Habilis had ape-like body proportions. There is a lot of controversy amongst scientists regarding its placement in the human category rather than the australopithecus. Australopithecus is translated to southern ape. These ape species came before early humans and displayed strong ape-like features and had little brain capacity. They looked as if they were an ape and human
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