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Homework Helps High School Students High school students have an average of 3.1 hours of homework each night (qtd. in Parker). Homework consumes an immense amount of high school students’ time every night, therefore, the big question is, does homework help? Numerous educational researchers have studied this topic for over seventy years; however, there is still an ongoing debate over the value of homework (Cooper et al. 4). Nevertheless, there are many studies that have been done with high school homework and growing evidence that homework is useful when used properly (Marzano and Pickering 74). While homework may be a timing problem, homework benefits high school students because it improves in-school achievement and teaches several life skills…show more content…
Students who have homework will be more prepared for the academic demands of college (Bempechat 196). For example, if one student was used to doing seven to twelve hours of homework each week in high school and another student only did three or four hours of homework each week in high school, the first student would be more prepared for the heavy loads of homework in college. In addition, homework assignments also help develop study habits (Bempechat 190). Students are studying while they do their homework because they are practicing the material that may be on the test. Thus, when it comes time to truly study, students will already know most of the material and will just need to look over it to refresh their minds. Homework also increases understanding and memorization of facts and concepts (Cooper et al. 7). Lastly, homework teaches students positive ways of dealing with school troubles (Bempechat 190). For example, if a student rushes through a homework assignment and earns a poor grade for frivolous mistakes, the next time the student may check his or her work. Homework contributes numerous skills students need for…show more content…
Students will need all those skills as they go through high school and beyond. Homework also teaches students how to manage their time wisely (Cooper 86). In other words, students have more than just homework to do when the school bell rings, and in their future life they will have more than their job to look after; hence, learning how to manage time early will help in the future. Homework may also help students explore their own interests (Marzano and Pickering 79). In addition to exploring students’ interests, students may find a new interest through homework by doing a research paper or having to read an assigned book. Homework is a tremendous boost for developing skills far beyond the
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