Homeschooling Vs Home School Essay

It is no shock to hear that education has become a significant topic to have in today’s society. The level of education can determine whether someone is qualified enough for a job, or is going to be financially comfortable in life. With that being said, most parents will want the best educational opportunities for their child (ren). This leads to the complex decision of having the child home schooled or attend public school. Even though similarities in the two schooling styles do exist, like self- motivation, there are the differences of popularity and character building.
Everything is not a popularity contest in life, but sometimes numbers can talk. According U.S Department of Education, there are about 1.7 million children between the ages
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Many parents believe that choosing homeschooling for their child will shield him from negative outside environments. Some examples of a negative environment are bullying, the stress of having to balance a social life and getting good grades, and peer-pressure. In my opinion that decision can actually do more harm than good to the child. Without certain obstacles in a childhood, how is there supposed to be growth and preparation for the outside world? I am not saying that the negative environmental factors in public schools are good, but I feel as it helps a person become who he was meant to be. The diversity and obstacles in public schooling helps a young adult grasp the idea of independence, and assists him with finding his own voice. With homeschooling, a child does not get the full opportunity to experience negative things. Due to this, if it is desired to continue his education to college, he may not be fully prepared to deal with certain situations. A parent cannot always keep his offspring safe. Sometimes it has to be left to the child to figure out what is right or wrong. All that can be done is to teach him good morals and values. That way when a kid is faced with obstacles he knows how to deal with it. Other than it not preparing the child for the world, homeschooling can bring self-isolation. In result of spending 12 or more years in home school alone, the student might not really know how to communicate and understand his peers. In public school you are given the chance to adapt to different languages, cultures, and etc. at an early

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