Homeschooling Disadvantages

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The number of students who study at their home is increasing year after year. Nowadays, many families believe that regular schools do not provide the perfect education for their children. Also, they say that traditional schools cannot improve students’ abilities, and they cannot focus on the students because there are many students in classes. Therefore, they believe that homeschooling is better than traditional schools. It can be clear seen that many families homeschooling their children for many reasons. Weather it about the negative impacts of traditional schools such as there are many students on classes or for religion reasons. They move to homeschooling their children, and they denied the negative influences for home-educate on them. Moreover, they want to ensure that their children get the kind of education for their children, and they want to avoid the disadvantage of regular schools. Consequently, they miss out the negative influences for homeschooling. However, homeschooling has many negative impacts on children such as lack of social interaction, loss of school activities, and parents unable to manage their time to teach.
Students, who study at home, do not have the opportunity to socialize with other children. For some reasons, parents want their children to study at home. Consequently, it makes their children miss out essential social skills. They would not have the same skills that children who study at traditional schools have because they do not study with a group that help them to learn important skills to interact with others. Michael H. Romanowski (2006) writes about the common negative impacts in homeschooling in his article “Revisiting the Common Myths about Homeschooling”. Romanowski reexamines the common ne...

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...articipate on schools activities, and parents do not have sufficient time to teach their children. For these reasons, traditional schools have many positive impacts on students. Even though that regular schools have some disadvantages, it is still a better than homeschooling. Families and critics must share their ideas to improve regular schools instead of supporting students to leave traditional schools to become a homeschooling. There are many ways that can improve the system of traditional schools to meet the need of children instead of transfer them to homeschooled. They are able to make traditional schools better than now by developing curriculums and teachers, lowering the number of students on classes, and adding subjects that many students want. Instead of transfer to homeschooling, they can all participate to improve traditional schools to be better.
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