Homeschooing: An Effective Means of Education

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Homeschooing: An Effective Means of Education

Homeschooling – the education of children under the supervision of parents instead of school teachers – has grown steadily over the past several decades (Lines 2000). Parents are becoming more involved in their children’s education and taking an active involvement. For some, homeschooling means duplicating school at home, complete with textbooks, report cards, and standardized tests. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some homeschoolers take a less structured approach, allowing their children’s interest to determine what they study, and letting them work at their own pace (Ishizuka 2000).

Homeschooling has been the victim of much criticism since it originated. However, time has shown that children who are homeschooled are successful; people are beginning to change their views that the only effective education can be done in a classroom. Stereotypes are being broken and families that do not fit the typical homeschool persona are starting to homeschool. The public may stereotype homeschoolers as either societal dropouts or those with high religious moral convictions that want to isolate their children from society. While some do homeschool for spiritual reasons, the majority of homeschoolers today represent a range of backgrounds, motivations and family situations. This research paper will take an in depth look at homeschooling and how it has become an effective alternative to public schools.

History of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is actually nothing new. Minus the name, it was society’s norm for all but the last 150 years (Griffith 1997). Until the public school system came into being, parents had the responsibility and the right to educate their children (Koetzsch 1997...

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