Homer's Does Technology Replace Humanness?

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Over the years, technology has become one of the most influential forces on society. With the continuous evolving of technology, people all over the world have been subjects to the irresistible impact that technology has on their everyday lives. Technology has helped to create many ways in which people are able to escape from liabilities that come along within life. This escape allows people to become involved in society in ways that they normally would not in a physical setting. With the help of William E. Buckley’s essay W hy Don’t We Complain?, Nicholas Carr’s essay I s Google Making Us Stupid?, and Gil Laroya’s article D oes Technology Replace Humanity?, I am going to prove that the technology world helps people to detach from the responsibilities…show more content…
Buckley’s essay W hy Don’t We Complain, he goes through a number of different situations in which he feels he has reason to complain. However, Buckley and the people around him never actually do complain. After analyzing the different situations, in one particular part of the essay, Buckley comes to the conclusion that the evolution of technology over the years has caused people to withdraw from minor confrontation when physically present. “I think the observational reluctance of the majority of Americans to assert themselves in minor matters is related to our increased sense of helplessness in an age of technology…show more content…
He goes on to break down the different negative effects that technology has on society. “W hen we think about what we want from technology, the first thoughts that come to my mind circle around our limitations and shortcomings as people. Technology is enabling us to avoid thinking about the consequences of our actions(Laroya 1)”. By using the phrases “our limitations”, and “shortcomings as people”, Laroya is presenting the fact that technology allows people to disconnect from their flaws. Everyday, people have to make decisions that will affect some aspect of their lives. Whether that outcome is positive or negative, that decision is something that cannot be taken back. Technology acts as an outlet for people to disengage from the choices that they have made and the factors that have disrupted by those choices. Things associated with technology such as social media, allows people to escape for their reality and portray a different persona than who they truly are, without technology people would have no other option but to be themselves and deal with the weight of their everyday
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