Homelessness Persuasive Essay

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Homelessness is the worst form of failure; you find yourself with no shelter and live day by day scavenging through nauseating garbage cans and repulsive dumpsters. This way of life is not right for any being to endure and although this lifestyle is undeniably dreadful, millions of Americans suffer this depressing fate. However, i’ve devised a plan to successfully minimize the number of homeless people our country bears. In order for this to plan out perfectly, it is crucial that every state consists of a big homeless shelter/school; this way the people who are homeless can identify themselves and gain the knowledge necessary to advance through life. After this is done, the homeless must be grouped up together and guided on how to move about towards making decisions that get them back on their feet. This guidance will be provided by the establishment within that state. Once the homeless are back on their feet, they will have to get monthly checkups for six months in order to confirm their well being. Being homeless is a title no man or woman should hold; the moral demolition of the homeless portrays the vivid message that homeless or not, they are human beings at the end of the day and that cannot simply be ignored.

One may argue that the true cause of such
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People with nowhere to go will be subjected to live on the streets and eat from the dumpsters. This way of life is very risky and dangerous as it can cause your body to change in negative ways and force you to have bad hygiene. Moreover, eating from the dumpster can induce dysentery and is very uncomfortable as Eighner vividly stated “No matter how careful I am I still get dysentery... Dumpster diving has serious drawbacks as a way of life.” The only way to sufficiently prevent homeless people from going through such horrendous experiences is to create an establishment as I 've previously
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