Homelessness In America Essay: How Prevent Homeless In America

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How Prevent Homeless in America
Why are there so many Americans who are homeless? How homeless happened to make people end up on the street? Could people in American able to prevent the homeless happened to the young children, Veterans, and other adults so next generation would not repeats itself from a horrible tragedy. Homeless ratings are increasing from American. People are sleeping in their cars for shelter. Homeless or becoming homeless is no matter of your age, excellent skills or have many resources available there always a way for people have a big impact in our society to help homeless. Thesis: Homeless were mistreated by other people because of discrimination, misjudge, and have stereotyped by their outside appearance and the way
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Now most people assume that all put bulls are dangerous because either pit bulls had killed someone or had injured their owners. Another generalization would be “stereotype” (2). Gladwell argue should find the solution for the reduce the high cost of housing and social service available for the homeless in American had stereotyped of not able to have good education, better health care and there is no place for them to live in the shelter because they are…show more content…
The first reason why peoples became homeless is that people lost their jobs, their homes are destroying from tornados, and mudslide and other young teenagers like to run away from home because of alcohols and addiction to drugs. Second, is they are family became mental illness and could not afford the health care. People should respect and show courtesy to homeless. There is a saying, “You Can’t Judge a book by it cover” it is the English idioms and it is a figure of speech. The person that says the quote was George Eliot. The meaning is people only see the outside appearance is like the covers of the book are sometimes boring. However, people need to get better acquainted with each other to see inside a person is similar to when people open their book or their heart. The homeless people could get help to treat their addictive to alcohols and drugs. The government has programs for the homeless to have the social welfare of inexpensive for a rent a house, food stamps for foods, and affordable health care. There are men, women, LGBT, and children could become homeless. Most individual of homeless will either go to jail or would drink from alcohols and drugs. Most of the U.S. states are banned the homeless from the streets. People prevent homeless people if they addictive to alcohol or drugs are not letting them buy in their stores. People who

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