Homelessness Essay

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Although the United States is a developed country, homelessness has been a major predicament for decades. Surprisingly, around 3.5 million Americans will suffer from homelessness each year. Defined by Paul A. Toro, homeless individuals are “people staying in shelters for the homeless, on the streets, or in other similar settings (e.g., in abandoned buildings, in make-shift structured, in parks)” (463). Therefore, homelessness occurs when an individual lacks a permanent home and has to illegally or legally seek some sort of alternative shelter. According to the article, “An International Understanding of Homelessness”, the homeless are divided into three significant groups, which include homeless families, adults and youth (Toro 463). In America,…show more content…
When an individual becomes an addict they no longer obtain the same positive characteristics, instead they become aggressive, depressed and easily agitated. These negative characteristics contribute to an individual ruining relationships or even being fired from their job. Consequently, an addict may lose the income necessary to pay their bills, provide for themselves and satisfy their addiction, which could cause them to become homeless. The article “Substance Abuse and Homelessness” states, “two-thirds of homeless people report that drugs and/or alcohol were a major reason for their becoming homeless.” In America, 68% of cities reports that substance abuse has become the leading reason that single adults will be without a home, while 12% of cities reported it to be one of the leading reasons for families (“Substance Abuse and Homelessness”). The parent of a homeless family is less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol prior to their homelessness because their main focus is the safety and well-being of their children, which would leave them with little to no time and money to abuse drugs or alcohol. However, Toro acknowledge that homeless parents may also show less substance abuse in reports because they withhold information to avoid from their children being taken by authorities. Homeless youth are very unlikely to suffer from drug and alcohol abuse prior to their becoming homeless because they are underage and may not have the necessary means to access drugs and alcohol illegally. Although becoming an addict can cause homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction can also be a result of homelessness. As homeless individuals stand on busy corners pleading for money many people avoid providing them with any because they believe that their charity will be used as a means to access drugs
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