Homelessness: A National Epidemic

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In our nation today, we the citizens of the United States of America have been pummeled with rising economic and social problems. Homelessness is one of the major issues that derived centuries ago, and is still in effect today. Being homeless simply means lacking a permanent, stable, and a secure place to lay your head at night. The article,” The Future of homelessness”, mainly discusses how homelessness has been around for many decades, and seems as if it will be around for many more. The author states that “homelessness is no longer considered as an emergency” (29). MeaningThis means that, “poor people,” as society would call them, is are not a major issue that requires the attention of the government, and other higher officials. Majority of the homeless population stays in abandoned homes, under bridges, on sidewalks, and parks. To the homeless, anywhere they can lay their head is “home” to them. The government and some non-caring citizens tend to look down on the homeless, and dehumanize dehumanizing them as if they are not people. In many cases when some homeless people try to ask for help, they are often ignored, or told no. civilians should show compassion and help them rather than looking down upon them, and treating them as if they were animals. People splurged their money on needless things such as expensive cars, clothes, and jewelry. Citizens should take the time to donate time and money into helping the needy. The nation is afflicted by rising of job losses and increasing gas prices would be a major factor that leads to unexpected poverty. These factors may be reasons why the government and citizens are choosing not to help the homeless because they are having a hard time trying to provide for themselves, ... ... middle of paper ... ...ple, you can tell that they are bound by melancholy. Wishing you could help them in every way possible but the best thing a single person can is offer them a little spare change . You can see the glorious look on their faces when they receive just a few cents. Homeless transients are more grateful and appreciative of the little things while a non-homeless person has to everything . While the homeless focus on essential needs such as where they are going to sleep, or how they are going to get their next meal, us working class citizens focus on how much “stuff” we do not have. If more energy was put towards helping our social, economic, environmental issues, the world would be on the rise into a strong successful nation. Instead people only focus on themselves, and their needs. If we would all unite and come together as one the world would be a much better place.

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