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Malala Yousafzai advocated for the education of young Pakistani women, despite heavy Taliban opposition. She stated that, “Education is the right of every human being.” Unfortunately, many children lack access to education worldwide, leading to a plethora of poverty-related problems. These problems cannot simply be ignored. That is why I would decide to end some of the world’s major problems. Three problems that I would focus on solving in particular are homelessness, a lack of clean water, and a lack of educational services in developing countries.
Homelessness is the first global issue that I would focus on eradicating. The scope of the problem of homelessness is massive. The Annual Homeless Assessment Report found that over a million Americans are homeless today. Furthermore, the National Alliance to End Homelessness stated that homeless shelters are not equipped for the increasing number of homeless people today. It is necessary that we look to permanent solutions to curb the effects of homelessness in society. If I had the power to change modern society as the prompt states, then it is implied that I have the financial resources to do so. Therefore, I would advocate for the building of additional shelters to help the homeless. Being without shelter exposes one to the elements and to acts of violence. Acts of violence against the homeless are a particularly big problem. In fact, according to the Task Force for Ending Homelessness, around four in ten homeless people will be a victim of a violent attack while being homeless. When one has no place to call home, they often have no refuge from the weather. Storms become a major problem, rather than a minor nuisance, as they are for many people. The fact that many homeless people h...

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...eople, increasing access to education is one thing that I would change.
Homelessness, a lack of clean water, and low access to quality education worldwide are problems that I would focus on solving if I could change any three things. First, as over one million Americans are homeless today, we must work to change this abject situation. When millions of children die each year due to a lack of clean water, we are not doing enough. Therefore, I would work to increase access to clean water. Finally, because education is necessary to give children in developing countries hope, it is important to increase their access to quality education. Malala Yousafzai outlined the importance of education as an activist, and worked to reduce the problems of the developing world. Fighting to solve the problems of the developing world will be critical to global success in the future.

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