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Homelessness is an everyday problem seen in many areas of the world. Starting locally within your community is a good way to resolve this issue. The government, organizations, and even regular people are looking for ways to help solve and assist those in need. A small solution to this problem would be to first, just show compassion to those in need. There are many cases where people simply ignore the homeless population, call them names, judge them, and even harm them physically. It is imperative to always treat others the way you would want to be treated. We must spread the love with a smile or hello because that could go a long way for homeless people. The most important thing as a community of believers is become educated on this topic. The stereotypes need to be eliminated about the homeless. Everyone has their own story and situation and there are different reasons for homelessness (“35 Ways to Help the Homeless”). Society needs to see the homeless as human beings, find out what they need and maybe take the time to talk to them. Many homeless people just need encourage...
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