Homeless Sociology Essay

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Courtney Miller
Introduction to Sociology (Soc-210-0007)

Understanding Homelessness
To be homeless is to be living in shelters or on the streets. The causes for people to become homeless, is a mixture of reason that leads to being homelessness for an individual. Homelessness can be for any one, young, old, and families due to limited assistance and personal choices. This effect are communities, businesses, other people and the homeless themselves. Here are some of the effects of homelessness are health, personal, families, and abuse.
There are a lot reasons why people are homeless. I will include three causes. Poverty is of the Census has survey who has been homeless, employed individuals ranked the must high of the homeless. Even through they had a job their wages weren’t sufficient to enough to meet their rent, utilities, and car payment. Half of the homeless adult’s
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Domestic violence can consist of women, or men and children who have been battered (physically, mentally, and emotionally. Studies show that half of the homeless women with children have experienced domestic violence. They have shelters for women and children who have been abused. Children who have ran away from home due to abuse end up homeless. Children get abuse more on the streets than at home, because there are all kinds of people living on the streets.
Homelessness has plays a huge part on a person’s physical and emotional health. Some of the homeless people might suffer from a cold and they can’t get rid of it because they can’t afford medicine. They can suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Get exposed to unsanitary living conditions, which can lead to leg ulcers and infections. They can illnesses like HIV/AIDS, and diabetes. They can develop drug and alcohol dependency. Homeless people realizes the he/she won’t have a home, is hard to believe. Reality makes homeless people less able to act when they suffer from psychologically as a

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