Homeless In The Homeless

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Houston’s Homeless can stop being a problem. The City of Houston and its residents can come together to help find ways to help those in need. By learning and understanding why a person may become homeless can provide information that can help us resolve this problem.
Driving around downtown Houston you may notice many people living in the streets. Many people complain about the homeless in the Houston area. This has been a problem that has been going on for quite some time. Homeless people in many cases lose everything forcing them to live in the streets. This can be caused by many factors, poverty and lack of affordable housing are the main two. As a community we can come together and find a solution to help those in need, but what can the
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Although the number has decreased since then, there is still an enormous amount of people without homes. The number of homeless decreased to 3,412 according to the Houston Coalition of the Homeless. Shelters and housing have been built to help those people without a place to live. This factor has help reduced the number of homeless people in the area. Even though there are several resources to help the homeless many still stay in the streets. Every time the City of Houston has a big event, such as the past NFL Superbowl, where tourist is expected to roam the city the authorities demand the homeless to clear up the streets. This causes the homeless individuals to invade other parts of the city. Spreading the homeless around. Highway intersections is a common area where homeless are found. They even sleep under the bridges. Camping under a highway bridges can be very risky; due to vehicles driving at a high speed. Putting the homeless lives in danger by being run over by a reckless driver. I had the chance to interview a homeless man in his early 50’s, who went by the name of Mike. He stayed under the bridge of the Gulf Freeway in the southeast area of Houston. Mike had a grocery cart full of everything he owned, which wasn’t much. He organized everything in plastic grocery bags. I asked, how long has he been staying there? “About three years or so,” he answered. Mike mentioned he
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