Homeless Case Study

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Statement of the Problem: The amount of homeless people are on the rise. One night in January each year the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness also known as the NCCEH preform what they call a point-in-time report. Since the statistic of homelessness is continually changing they use this one night count as the statistics for the year. According to the NCCEH around 12% of U.S. citizens are homeless in the state of North Carolina. While most of this percentage is single, white males the statistics includes many women with children and veterans. (Tippett 2013) http://demography.cpc.unc.edu/2013/10/24/homelessness-in-north-carolina/ Current Efforts: Currently shelters throughout the area are overflowing and having to turn people away…show more content…
The rehabilitation center will help people cope with drug and alcohol addiction therefore getting some drugs off of the streets. The theft rate will also be affected positively since the shelter will be providing many necessities to these people. • Deadlines I hope to get this project completed soon so that it can be there to help people as soon as possible. The estimated Opening date is projected to be October 1st 2016. The shelter is sure to be open before winter hits again next year. • Case studies There are many homeless shelters in North Carolina that provide temporary shelter for people who are in need. The difference in this shelter is that it is meant to also provide support to those people in hopes that they will turn to them when they need help to get the on the right path. Conclusion- benefits: In conclusion I believe that this shelter will greatly benefit Davidson County as it will provide a loving and serving environment for people who are in need. As the holidays are approaching I hope that we are all reminded of what good we can do for others. I have no doubt in my mind that this project can change the lives of other people by giving second chances and providing amazing services to our

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