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“As more of America's educational resources move online, onto video, and onto disks, it becomes easier and easier to duplicate, and surpass, a classroom education...Home schooling is now clearly more sophisticated than classroom education. We have more (and better) resources to draw upon. We can adapt the latest technology more quickly” (Price, 1994). Home schooling in itself provides an alternate, yet effective means of learning. Technology acts as an effective means of enhancing home schooling, through which instructors and students make use of online resources and emerging technologies to support their educational curriculum.

Home Schooling as Alternative means to Education. Definition.

Home schooling is becoming more and more useful as an alternative means to education. It has become widely spread across the country as more parents turn to home schooling, as opposed to the traditional classroom setting in public schools, which some individuals describe as hindering to a child’s learning ability. As Margaret Martin states in her 1997, home schooling article titled, Home schooling: Parents' Reactions, the definition of home schooling is basically a: “Learning/teaching situation where children spend the majority of the conventional school day in or near their home in lieu of attendance at a conventional institution of education. Parents or guardians are the prime educators of their children” (Martin, p. 2). “Home schooling is defined simply as the "education of school-aged children at home rather than at a school” (Lyman, 1998).

Cultural Sophistication versus Confinement.

“Home scholars believe that students who receive instruction simultaneously from the home and the community at large will be more cul...

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...s public schools.

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The website gives various information on how to plan a home schooling curriculum. The author give information on how to get the most out of home schooling and the internet, provided resources that individual’s can use in everyday schooling experience.

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This website article gives various statistics on home schooling. It talks about how home schooling has grown over the years giving parents an alternative to public school education. This website is definitely very useful because it is filled with great statistics.
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