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Home Schooling in the United States is on the rise. In the 1980's home schooling was a choice that parents could make with their children if they so desired. By the early 1990's about three hundred thousand children were in a home school environment. Today there are about two million students being taught at home. Children being taught at home are increasing by a rate of seven to fifteen percent every year. Home schooling is a choice every parent has to make; these days more and more parents are choosing to educate at home. When choosing to educate at home it is important to think about the positive and negative aspects, the technological advancements that have been made, and what laws and regulations you must follow.

There are many positive aspects of schooling a child at home. One of the pros of home schooling is its controlled environment. Dr. David A. Gershaw says that parents believe that home schooling is a way for them to control their children’s influences by allowing them to learn more mature interaction skills by socializing with adults. Also with a controlled environment children do not have the opportunity get involved with drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, and violence that takes place in the school system today. Another excellent aspect of home schooling that Dr. Gershaw talked about is the idea of one on one teaching. This brings teaching to a more personal level. One on one teaching allows the student to learn more efficiently. Public and private school educators teach at the pace of the slowest child. This causes the other children in the classroom to be hindered from higher achievement and quicker learning. The following study of Dr. Gershaw’s is a perfect example. A child was ahead in his ...

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