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Whether or not to home-school your children is a controversial issue for thousands of parents every year. Do you want to let your children go out on their own or keep them safe at home where you can monitor their development? Many parents choose to home-school their children and there are plenty of arguments for and against this decision. When it all comes down to it the decision will be based on the socio-economic status of the family, as to whether they can afford to have one parent at home tutoring the child, instead of out working and also whether or not they feel it is safe enough to let their children go to the public schools.

Home-schooling a child could be a very good decision if a child had special needs. Teaching them at home would enable the parents to monitor the development of the child and make sure they don't fall behind and are completely ready to move on to the next level of learning, where they might fall behind in a public learning institution. The parent(s) could offer the child extremely individualized attention that is much harder to find in a public school with large numbers of students, many who also have special needs.

Home schooling is also a good choice for family?s who want to truly have control over what their children are taught. Possibly more religious families would want to make sure that in addition to the subjects they have to teach by law, that they teach their children about religion and other things they find important. They cannot be taught these things in a public institution, and if a family finds these topics of serious interest and necessity for their children to learn, home schooling would be the best way to go about tea...

... middle of paper ... experience the everyday interactions that they would if they were at school. By not attending school the child does not experience time without his/her family, which is an important part of a child?s life.

Overall, the decision of whether or not to home-school a child will inevitably have to go through a lot of factors before a decision is made. All parents will have their child?s best interests in mind and the decision will come down to personal choice and personal beliefs of the parents. Whether or not home schooling is essentially good or bad for a child, is a debate which will be going on for years to come, and has strong arguments for and against.


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