Home Remedies for Groin Sweating

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Home Remedies for Groin Sweating

Groin sweating is sweating around the inner thigh as the skin here is folded and covered with clothing. This area has sweat glands like the eccrine and apocrine. For some people they tend to sweat profusely in this area which makes them feel uneasy and embarrass. In worst scenario the problem may cause odor, itching, peeling, rashes and peeling of the skin due to imbalance in the skin due to warm and moist groin.

Causes for Groin Sweating

The specific cause for sweating is not known but it may be due to some specific build of the person. Obesity is another reason to contribute to this kind of sweating. Excessive sweating is a medical condition called hyperhidrsis that may have numerous causes and become a symptom for another medical disorder of the nerves.

Sweating cannot be avoided but however the odor can be treated by following some simple Home Remedies for Groin sweating. The pungent odor in the areas where the sweating is common is due to the bacteria present in those areas.

Here are some effective Home Remedies for Groin sweating that may help you.

Home Remedies for Groin sweating using aluminum chloride solution

• It is a proven remedy that prevents sweating. A 20% of the solution is enough to enter the sweat glands and blocks the perspiration.

Home Remedies for Groin sweating using fresh fruits and buttermilk

• Intake of fresh fruit juice like grape juice on daily basis is an effective treatment for sweating. It helps in cooling the body and blocks off sweating.

• Another effective home treatment for groin sweating is drinking of buttermilk everyday.

Home Remedies for Groin sweating using tomato juice and lime

• Tomatoes are effective for treating sweats so drinking its ...

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...r reducing the perspiration. Make fine flour and apply this on area where the perspiration is severe.

Home Remedies for Groin sweating using Indian gooseberry

• Prepare a mixture of bael fruit (aegle marmelos) and the Indian gooseberry into a fine powder. After bathing sprinkle this powder on the area before going to sleep.

• And drink lots of water as you lose water from the body in the form sweat. This will replace the water you lose from the body and stop dehydrating the body.

Home Remedies for Groin sweating by medication

• Lastly tone down your temper as anxiety, anger and excitement as all these are responsible for increasing the production of sweat. Medication maintains and calms the body from all kinds of stress.

If sweating does not stop in the groin area it is better to consult the doctor as you may need special medical prescription and treatment.
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