Home Descriptive Essay

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It all starts at the base of the driveway. Every crack in the driveway leads to somewhere new. The median line through the flat runs up and meets the closed garage door that used to be open. This is the only part of my home that is not welcoming. On the short and narrowing strip from the garage to the front door sits a red bench that at one moment in time was not red, but a tattered grey shadowed wood. What once was worn has been refurbished, but will be worn again over the years by more memories and weathering. Through the front door lays my whole life and the memories that unfolded. This is my home. The smell of burning candles runs through the rooms and into the hallways. The cool floors remind me of the winter months when the only warmth is the hot cocoa and blankets. The sound of the tv whispers through the house and kisses the walls. My home is everywhere. Newark, Licking County, Ohio, The United States of America, Earth. This is home. So what is home? Home is a place where you’re met with struggles, but there is…show more content…
However, a house is not a home if you are not safe. If you are not comfortable, if you are not happy. The word home generates the feeling of happiness and warmth. A house does not give that same feeling. When it comes down to it, a house is a materialistic item in which you can touch and feel. Home is idealistic and this is something that you can not physically feel, but mentally and emotionally does it leave an impact on a person. Within a home, you are able to grow and learn and be nurtured. People are like plants, they both need nourishment to grow and become strong. The plants in my home are visual representations of the growth and stature of myself. My mother takes care of these succulents just like she does for my family. A home is more than a house because a house can not not possibly help someone grow. Such a structure in which we live does nothing to our development like a home
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