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The main theme within Robert Frost "Home Burial" is the contrasting emotions dealing with the death of their child between man and wife. In “Home Burial” the setting centers around the tragic death of a child. This poem was written in 1914, times were very different then, men didn’t grieve openly, it was shown as a sign of weakness, they needed to be strong for their family, knowing the year this poem was written can give the reader a better insight to understanding the husband’s reaction to the death of the child, what may appear to be cold and heartless today wasn’t necessarily cold and heartless in the early 1900s men tended to have dealt with conflicts by working hard. The man and women have very different methods of mourning their child, which isn’t really the problem the problem is they don’t understand or can’t accept how one another mourns. The poem “Home Burial” demonstrates how one loss can lead to another loss in this case the loss of a child lead to the loss of a marriage.
The baby is buried in the family graveyard, which can be seen from an upstairs window of their house. Every day the mother walks by that window and can’t help but see the raw mound where her child was buried. The mother is grieving openly for the loss of her child, she hasn’t yet found away to deal with her grief and has not moved on with her day to day but most people in this position gradually work out a way of dealing with their grief, and go on with their lives. She has more than the emotion of grief, she is angry and bitter towards her husband who at first is not understood why would she be so angry towards him? They should be coming together as a family to comfort each other during this time.
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...lines (75-79). When the husband was burying his son, the reader could see himself or herself there. With the gravel flying and making it “leap” into the air. In the mind’s eye one could see the gravel sliding back into the hole. We could actually visualize the mound getting higher. There were three different tragedies that transpired throughout this poem. The burial of the child was first; second was the burial of the marriage and finally the most symbolic and ironic tragedy is the burial of the home. Because of unfortunate circumstances these three things became closely associated with the home being buried. All of these tragedies occurred as a result of the child’s burial. The couple’s marriage could not survive such an emotional loss. Therefore the marriage becomes buried. When the marriage became buried the home became its own burial spot for this family’s life.
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