Homage and respect

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“In the time of the butterflies,” was directed by Mariano Barroso to portray history, crime, romance and drama of a dictator’s regime towards his citizens. The movie captured my attention because it dates back into the era when Trujillo was in reign and how his cruelty against the people of Dominica Republic was evident and seem to be true through the movie. Also, it enlighten me about the way woman was viewed in the 1930’s and their many restrictions from society because of their leader. It reflects on the era of realism because as viewers we see that every culture has evolved into something new and females are being educated now. Some of the key actors are Trujillo, the Mirabal sisters (Minerva, Maria Teresa, Patria and Dede) and their husbands. In addition, the movie was an interested but ended sadly and we as woman must pay homage to the Mirabal sisters for their heroic actions.
The movie is about how Minerva, along with her family and some other frustrated citizens, found the courage to challenge the regime of General Trujillo and paid a fearful price for their actions. Minerva Mirabal and her sisters Patria, Mate, and Dede are the daughters of Enrique; a man who owns a plantation, a small store and was also tortured during the reign of the dictator Rafael LeónidasTrujillo. When several members of Minerva’s family are killed by Trujillo's army, she pledges that she will someday win revenge against the dictator. After completing her schooling, Minerva meets Virgilio Morales, a professor of law at a state university who also works with an underground rebel group attempting to overthrow Trujillo. They fall in love, and Virgilio helps to open Minerva's eyes to the extent of Trujillo's crimes. When Virgilio is forced to go underg...

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... at home taking care of the children and the household. She narrates the story to tell viewers and readers how she believed Trujillo over ruled over the death of her sisters and how she uses foreshadowing of what occurred during her time to predict the outcome of her sister’s death. Dede does a good job in telling us what she believe occurred during Trujillo’s era and also us historical events to replace the missing gaps of history to portray her story.
Offer evidence for your opinion. Remember to mention use of symbols and literary devices. Do they "transfer" from the novel/play into the movie well?
We may never know the true motives in the time of the butterflies but it is one we must seek to identify. How can we learn history if we are forgotten with time? Therefore, we must take the process in analyzing the time of the butterflies to understand why they fly.

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