Holy Week and Easter

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Holy Week and Easter

The Easter celebrations which commemorate the death and resurrection

of Jesus are the pivotal point of the Christian faith. As a catholic,

in this piece of coursework, I will look at the celebration of Easter

from a catholic perspective, commenting on the manner in which the

catholic faith celebrates this festival.

Holy week is the final week of lent, a period of preparation for

Easter, lasting forty days, from Ash Wednesday until good Friday. Holy

Week consists of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy


Palm Sunday is the day that marks Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a

donkey. It is recorded that when this happened, followers worshiped

Jesus by laying down their robes and waving palms, hence the name. The

scripture reading on this day is from Mark 11, 'Many people spread

their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in

the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted,

"Hosanna!" "Blessed is the kingdom of our father David!" "Hosanna in

the highest!"' (Mk 11: 8-10) On this day there is a mass. Some

catholic parishes begin the service outside the church, and process

in, the parishioners carrying palms. This mirrors Jesus' entrance into

Jerusalem with his followers. At this time Jesus was very popular, but

was not to leave Jerusalem in such high esteem. Jesus rode into town

on a donkey, which shows his humility and is a great example of how

even the Son of God can be so humble.

Holy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper. This is the last meal Jesus

shared with his disciples, and it is an extremely important event, as

it what we base our mass around. It is known as the first mass, where

Jesus blessed bread and wine, and requested we do the same to remind

us of his sacrifice for us, which is why we have the consecration in

our mass. On this night also, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples.

This again is an example of Jesus' love, care and humility that is a
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