Holosiers: The Film Analysis Of The Film Hoosiers

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The film “Hoosiers” depicts the story of Norman Dale, a former college basketball coach who has been asked to take over as coach of the Hickory High School basketball team. The team’s previous coach had recently passes away and the team was left without a coach. The small town’s allegiance towards the old coach is an obstacle the team faces. Since the old coach had passed away the team’s best player, Jimmy has decided he would not be going out for the team this season. This leaves the team with only seven players and without their star player. Norman is also warned by a fellow teacher who has been looking out for Jimmy since his mother got sick, that he should pressure Jimmy into playing. Instead of pressuring Jimmy to play, Norman leaves him alone until Jimmy decides it is time to play for the team again. The small town atmosphere of the community of Hickory was an obstacle for Norman…show more content…
At the end of the film the team is overcome by the daunting size of the gymnasium they will play the championship game in. Norman decided to measure the court and tell his players that the court is the exact same size as the one back home in Hickory. This puts the players at ease and helps them focus on the game, not the size of the gymnasium they are playing in. Like stated before Norman also focuses on the fundaments of the game with this team, not just playing the game. At first the team was not on bored with Norman’s style of coaching which did cause problems for the team. At the first practice, there were two players who decided to quit then and there because they did not agree with the coaching style. When the team lost the game with only four players on the court, Norman told the team what he says about the team is the law and that is to go without discussion. Once the players decided they would lock into Norman’s style of coaching the team was very

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