Holodomor: Murder by Starvation

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There is no way people can argue that the Holodomor (Soviet Famine) did not happen in Ukraine in the years of 1932 to 1933 in which it took over millions of lives in that area. This is a man- made famine which was crafted by Stalin to be a “lesson that they would never forget” for defying his collectivization plan for Ukraine, the now part of USSR. The Holodomor literal means murder by starvation in which the people were systematical deprived of food by either of having impossible quotas that the government place or militarily blocking outside aid. Unlike the Holocaust, the Holodomor is not very well known or documented, thus many countries in the World question if this event is really a genocide that Stalin created or just a tragedy set on the Ukrainian people history. Today there is effort to gain global awareness of this genocide. If a person goes back in history of Ukraine, he or she can easily see why Stalin might target this place to install his idea in. Ukraine is the “breadbasket of Europe” in which the USSR gets its grain to feed its empire. In 1929, the Central Committee of the Soviet Union's Communist Party decided to introduce a program of collectivization to the farmers of Ukraine. This forced the farmers to give up all private property: lands, livestock, and farming equipment. By doing this Stalin hoped to feed the industry workers in the cities and export the product to other countries in hope to gain profit to help him fund his industry plans. Private farmers were to be completely being replaced by collective farming or known in Ukraine as kolkhozes. Many of these private farmers, who sought for independence, refused to join collective farming because it resembled early serfdom in that region. Stalin intr... ... middle of paper ... ...s&disableHighlighting=false&prodId=SUIC&action=e&windowstate=normal&catId=&d ocumentId=GALE%7CA239464001&source=Bookmark&u=tel_s_tsla&jsid=c43d6c67bf501bdd6ddea39353 f64533 Motyl Alexander J. "Deleting the Holodomor: Ukraine unmakes itself." World Affairs 173.3 (2010): 25+.Accessed on April 11,2014. http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CA239725483&v=2.1&u=tel_a_nestcc&it=r&p=EAIM& sw=w&asid=b34924bba67e024f5f808e81c1dbbd3c Perloff James . "Holodomor: the secret holocaust: when Ukraine resisted Soviet attempts at collectivization in the 1920s and '30. the Soviets used labor camps, executions, and starvations, and starvation to kill millions of Ukrainians." The New American : Accessed on April 11,2014. http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CA194331804&v=2.1&u=tel_s_tsla&it=r&p=GPS&sw=w&asid=39f46c4ce7c868e4974433bcd6bc008d

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