Holocaust Paper

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In the late 1930s and early 1940s the Jewish population was being extinct in Europe by the Germans, which were known as the Nazis at that time. If the non-Jewish people would have fought back it could have saved a lot of the Jewish peoples lives. Also you would hope that most of the Jewish people would do the same thing for you if you were forced to go to concentration camps ;therefore, most of them work for them for days without food so they do not have energy. So if there was enough people to fight back with the Nazis that were non-Jewish, you would also hope that they would fight for you if you were in their situation, and they were being taken prisoner for the Nazis own use of work then they would kill them. The other opposing views about not fighting back are that some people could have made it out alive without risking their own lives. Most of the non-Jewish people let the Holocaust happen without thinking how bad it was that thousands of innocent people were dying every day. The Jewish people who didn’t fight back might have made it alive if you would have listened to what the Nazis had told you what to do when you were in their camps. But it all depends on which camp you are at, and the type of people who are controlling the camps if they are nice to you or not because some people that were in those camps could care less about killing innocent people. Most of the people who were in the camps feared the Nazis so they were scared that if they would fight back that they would kill them; therefore, most people just listen to what the Nazis said. If the Jewish people fought back it would have risked their lives even more than it already was. Most of the people that were in the camps had a fear of the Nazis and were afraid to d... ... middle of paper ... ... thing to say if you lived in Germany that the Nazis have done the right thing killing millions of people for what just to show that they didn’t cause World War I. Even if they did not cause World War I they sure did help by causing World War II which everyone is lucky that it was not as bad as it could have been. The Nazis targeted innocent people that had nothing to do with anything that caused World War I but the Nazis were the judge, jury, and executioner for all the people they took into their concentration camp. Even if some how any of the people they took into their camps were horrible people or did cause World War I. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Which everything the Nazis have done to the people in those camps was wrong. Treating the people like they were animals killing them for fun is horrible to do to people who were going to die from starvation anyway.
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