Holocaust Arumentative

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Gas chambers, death walks, ghettos, concentration camps and shooting lines. Too many innocent people were killed for no reason. From infants to the elderly, Hitler never stopped killing. He believed the Jewish people were a waste of space, and they were the enemy. He got the Germans to believe this lie. Soon after, Nazi forces were created to killed off the “enemy”. During the Holocaust, the Jewish should have fought back against the Nazis’ forces. Opposing views claim that the Jewish people should not have fought back. If they did not fight back, they had a slim chance of survival. The Nazis might let a Jewish person go if they were to cooperate. It is much easier to go with the flow and not go a different direction because it is much harder to mentally and physically risk your life. On the other hand, the Jewish people should have fought back. If a person was going to die and the only way to survive is to fight back, would that person fight? This was the main question that the Jewish people asked themselves every day. They knew they were going to die in the hands ...

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