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For the past century, Hollywood has influenced the world through its films and innovations it has brought to the industry. From the golden age classics to the modern blockbusters, every era Hollywood experiences bring revolutionary changes to the global film landscape. The inspiration and competition from Hollywood push the global film industry forward to evolve and advance to a higher level, and bring quality feature films to the worldwide audiences. Many have studied the development of Hollywood not only to understand the cinematic history, but also to find inspirations for other countries as many major film industries other than Hollywood were influenced directly or indirectly by its advancement. The European cinema is an early example of film industry being affected by Hollywood. During the early 1900’s, especially starting from the late 1920’s when Hollywood entered the golden age, European cinema was greatly impacted by Hollywood production. The competition from Hollywood made it extremely hard for domestic productions to stand in the market. This competition is not only limited to content and production quality, but also the establishment of systems as well. Britain, for example, suffered from the fact that their block booking system was controlled by US majors. This means that if they wanted to launch domestic productions, they would have to compromise to the agreements set by the Hollywood companies (Bird, n.d.). To meet this challenge, various solutions were implemented by Europe. The Cinematograph Act of 1927 and the co-operative idea “Film Europe” were introduced to limit the market for Hollywood films (Bird, n.d.), although both of which eventually lost power. Despite the competition and threat from Hollywood, many... ... middle of paper ... ...ifferences. Through the comparison, many important players and entities in the game that had less exposure to the public were revealed, which gives us a more in depth analysis of identifying the key points of change. Similar to Hollywood, China has its own time slots for blockbusters. The study on this subject in particular can give us many inspirations on understanding and predicting the China film industry. Distribution and marketing in Hollywood is also a very important topic to study. McDonald and Wasko also talked about this area in their works. Other than an overview of distribution and marketing in Hollywood, they also presented us, in details, the practices of movie marketing (McDonald & Wasko, 2010). They also briefly talked about the accounting of Hollywood, which is a less relevant topic if we put in the fact that China is also a subject of comparison.
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