Holland’s Theory of Personality and Environmental Interaction.

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Holland’s theory has four premises that attempt to explain the person / work relationship. 1. Most individual’s personalities can be categorized into 6 main types; realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional. As well these personalities are arranged into a pattern that describes the individual. 2. There are six work environment types that coincide with the above-mentioned personality types. 3. Individuals seek work environments that will are best suited to their personality type and pattern. 4. In turn, a career that is matched with the individual’s type has a more positive outcome that one that does not match. One of the big facets of Holland’s theory is that individuals who’s personality patterns and work environment are congruent will have a better career outlook and success. As well, individuals who’s work and personality types that are different may not have such a harmonious career experience. Additionally, individuals who’s personality patterns, their multiple personality factors, that are similar will have consistency and may be easier searc...

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