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Holistic Care Holistic nursing care involves identifying the patient needs and implementing strategies in which addresses “the patient physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being (Doosey and Keegan, 2013). As a health care professional, helping the patient to achieve their optimal health through taking care of the patient as a whole, will allow the patient to heal. An interview was conducted on a close family member, Mrs. V.H. At times, she struggles with dealing and coping with some of the current symptoms of her illness. She faces a resource barrier within the community by only having one doctor office and hospital in the local area. Mrs. V.H. reports she does not feel comfortable with going to the doctor office or hospital when she becomes sick. She has to travel nearly thirty-five miles to seek medical attention. Mrs. V.H. was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II, asthma and hypertension since the age of nineteen years old. She recently started having trouble with controlling her asthma and developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There are times when Mrs. V.H. may experience some anxiety due to the inability breath as a result of asthma attack or walking short distances. Mrs. V.H. voice concerns about her health declining and the community in which she lives is not equipped to deal with her current medical illness. Ultimately, Mrs. V.H. long-term goal is to lose weight and gain better control over her diabetes. She has a very good family support system. Mrs. V.H. has a total of four daughters and they rotate with taking their mother to the doctor. This allows the daughters to keep abreast of their mother’s health and provide the emotional support during the doctor’s office visit. Mrs. V.H. prays a lot ... ... middle of paper ... ...ic obstructive pulmonary disease, this would allow social interaction and the opportunity to gain knowledge from members of the support group. In the end, this would allow Mrs. V.H. to heal and there would be an improved outcome of the overall patient health condition. Conclusion After interviewing Mrs. V.H., there was an ability to assess, identify the family member needs or challenges and develop a holistic care plan. She expresses the concerns of not having enough resources within the community to address the needs of her health. Mrs. V.H. expresses the spiritual practice through praying throughout the day and night. This establish the process of healing and coping with her current medical illnesses. The holistic nursing care plan and nursing process was further discussed with nursing rationales based upon the needs and challenges established by Mrs. V.H.
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