Holiness Cultivates In The Debate

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Euthyphro – Plato Jasmine K. Townsell PHI 208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Prof. Rachel Howell January 12, 2014 The Great Debate The principle of holiness came up in Socrates and Euthyphro debate as the two discussed whether or not holiness was something that the gods indeed loved or if holiness was something that the gods loved because it was in fact holy. The concept of holiness between the two is prominent because they needed to know exactly how the gods broke down and acknowledged the holiness. This was a major factor because it basically set standards and laws for people that really chose to worship. It basically breaks down if an act is holy or if the act was something that was adopted by a particular god and made holy. In this paper I will explain how the concept of holiness cultivates in the discussion and why it takes a prominent position between the two. As the debate went on Socrates began to question and ask Euthyphro for his definition of piety to better help understand his reasoning. Euthyphro proceeded to answer Socrates with three separate definitions...

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