Holden Renault: Story Of 'Jerry Renault'

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Jerry Renault Fourteen-year-old Jerry Renault is like your typical skinny or thin teenager in his freshman year at Trinity, a boys' Catholic high school. He tends to dwell on depressive emotion, sexual frustration due to hormones, and loneliness from his mother as well as asking his own existent in the world. He is has no mother and had recently died in a few months. He often remembers and recalling times of his parents lived together in a house with a large backyard and front lawn which his father never got tired of mowing it. He's trying to make quarterback and to do well in school despite that fact weighing him down. As well as being best to be a good son to his widowed father but Jerry is beginning to freak out of his father’s boring life style. He worries about ending up like his dad and being stuck in the same routine as his father. Realizing this factor, Jerry decides to make a change in his life out of impulse saying "No" to chocolates but, he's really saying "no" to the entire “universe” that The Vigils and Brother Leon created at Trinity. The random guy out from the streets accuses Jerry of being a "Square boy. Middle aged at fourteen… “. Disregarding the guy’s aimless lifestyle, he begins questioning all the routines in his life. It’s not like he doesn't love and appreciate his father but Jerry becomes more worried that he'll grow up and be trapped in the kind of boring life as his dad. He comes to the realization that his father is stuck living a dull, almost unhappy life as he looks in the mirror and "sees his father's face reflected in his own features." We can see also in the story, Jerry tends to waver in the border lines of excitement and boredom by isolating himself and not being isolated. In the beginning of t... ... middle of paper ... ...r as well as president of The Vigils. He doesn’t care or mind the fact of using his physical force to command respect. He's the only one who can stand up to Archie and doesn't hesitate to put him on probation until he gets all the chocolates sold. He wants the chocolates sold because he knows that Archie made an agreement to help Brother Leon plus he likes to avoid conflict with Brother Leon. Obie Obie is secretary of The Vigils and does whatever Archie wants him to as well as keeping Archie stocked with Hershey's chocolate. He admires Archie like an idol and Archie's deviousness yet he despises and resents him of Archie’s cruel plans. His most wanted and to be fulfilled desire is to see Archie pick a black marble out of the infamous black box since Archie never seems to pick out the black. Obie also takes part of beating and punishing Jerry for defying the Vigils.
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