Hobbiton: Market Analysis: Plan And Marketing Plan

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Plan and Marketing Campaign Section1 Market Analysis: Hobbiton My market analysis will consist of research about the current market, who 's coming into New Zealand and the Waikato region. Who is currently in the area, how many, what do they look like? New Zealand visitor arrivals numbered 3.20 million in February 2016, 10% higher than 2015. Australia is New Zealand 's largest inbound tourism market with arrivals of 1,344,864 from year ending February 2016. The Australian market provides over 470,000 holiday visitors per year which generated a total of five million plus holiday stays. China is New Zealand 's second largest visitor market with a total of 368,256 year ending February 2016. United Kingdom is our third largest visitor market…show more content…
Booking online is becoming more popular and travelers are becoming increasingly confident researching and booking their holidays online. It is essential to have an online presence otherwise people will go elsewhere. New Zealand 's strategy In the online space is to ensure that planning information and booking tools are easy for our target market to find and navigate. Hobbiton will benefit from this as their business will be exposed to the billions of people surfing the internet. Statistics show that our target market in Australia most commonly sourced information for their holiday planning online (87%) and travel agents (74%). 97% of our target market in China consulted a travel agent, this is because the requirement for visa and travel process are more complex than many other markets. 87% used online sources as part of their holiday planning. Our target market in the US uses a range of online channels for planning their international holidays, including general travel websites, online travel articles, and travel agent and airline websites. They also use other influential information sources such as word of mouth, travel agent 's brochures, television travel shows, and travel guides. It is common for travelers from our target market in the US to plan and book all aspects of their holiday

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