Hobbit Chapter 1

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1. 5 Characters are: Bilbo Baggins Thorin Gandalf Fili Dori 2. Bilbo Baggins — hobbit, small, polite, simple, loyal Gandalf — wizard, old, tall, gentle, powerful with magic Thorin — dwarve, mean, strong, big, the leader 3. The tooks were always the adventurous ones. 4. Gandalf visit Bilbo to send him on a adventure. 5. Gandalf shows Thorin a map, and a key that his grandfather gave to Gandalf. 6. Dale — a town that Thorin’s grandfather found. 7. Smaug — the dragon who destroyed the village and took the treasure. 8. The story that Throin told Bilbo was when in thror’s time they were driven out of the far north. 9. Gandalf was given the key and map by Thorin’s father to give it to Thorin, before he died Chapter 2 1. William, Tom, Bert were the trolls that the dwarves saw in woods. 2. Gandalf saved Bilbo, Thorin, and company from the trolls by distracted them until dawn, because they would turn into stone when the sun came out. Chapter 3 1. Elves were the creatures that inhabited the valley of Rivendell. 2. Elrond — chief of elves 3. The important information Elrond gave the travellers, was how to open the door with the key that Thorin has. Chapter 4 1. The travellers went in the cave, because they wanted to get out of the storm and away from the giants. 2. The nasty surprise Bilbo, Thorin, and company was a lot of goblins. 3. The travellers escape the pursuit of the goblins, because Gandalf killed the great goblin. Chapter 5 1. When Bilbo awoke after falling off of Dori’s shoulders the strange thing about his surroundings was that he could not see, hear, and touch anything, expect the stone floor. 2. While groping around on the floor, Bilbo found a gold ring. 3. Gollum — small, slim... ... middle of paper ... ...ming. 3. The armies in The Battle of Armies are goblins, wild wolves, elves, men, and dwarves. 4. The plan Gandalf purposed was to lure goblins into a valley, so you can attack from behind and above . 5. When they started losing in battle to the goblins, the eagles appeared on the scene. Chapter 18 1. Thorin calls Bilbo, because he about to die and he wants to make things right with him. 2. Balin becomes the leader after Thorin deaths. 3. Bilbo gave the Elvenking a necklace that Dain gave him, to his hospitality. Chapter 19 1. When Bilbo got home he saw a crowd of people in front of his door. 2. After a few years later, when Bilbo returned home Gandalf and Balin came to vista him. 3. The last words that Gandalf said to Bilbo was “Your are a very fine person, Mr.Baggins and I am very fond of you; but you are not a quit little fellow in a wide world after all.
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