Hiv And Treatment Of Hiv

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Mary Baker Ms. Lutts English III, Period 04 2 December 2015 HIV They believe that the most likely was transmitted to human and mutated into Hiv when human hunted these type of animal that spread through the contact with their infected the blood that studies hiv may jumped from human as far as the late 1800s. The only way to kno that you have have Hiv is to get tested, but if them people have it then its stuck with them for the rest of the their life. No safe and effective cure for hiv currently exists, scientists working hard to find one and remain hopeful. People begin treatment for hiv as soon as they know it was infected, treatment are very important for pregnant women. Information about sexually transmitted diseases can be found through a search information about STD, to attain optimal physical mental, and social health and well-being for all infant.Telling a partner especially a new partner about a chronic Std infection can be an extremely difficult task. Many cases of AIDS occured in the usa in 1981, but they provide little information about source of...
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