Hitler's Timeline

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In a long time ago, April 20, 1889, in a place called Brannau, Austria, there was a father called Alois Hitler, and a mother called Klara Polzl, and she was giving birth to a baby that would change completely, and definitively mark the World’s history forever, and its name was Adolf Hitler. Adolf was from an ordinary and normal family, he had six siblings, and he was the 4th child born in the family. At a young age, exactly at age 3, Hitler and his parents decided to move into Germany, where his story would begin. Hitler was since young a really rebellious child, he would always argue with his father, and vice-versa, and since young he would have some attractions to Anti-Semitic. Later on in his life, he became to have some attraction to art, and this resulted in a thought of going to college and becoming an artist, but his dream when down the sink when his father said and decided that he would become a business man. And as so, Hitler went to business college, and studied there until 1905, two years after his father death, when his mother said that he didn’t needed to keep doing business college, so he dropped off business college, and went straight to art college. But he wasn’t lucky neither good enough, he applied twice to join the college, and failed twice to get in (Adolf 1). Full of selfishness, Hitler became a homeless person, because he didn’t wanted to go back to his parents’ house. So he found a shelter for homeless, and the owners were the first Jewish person that Hitler had ever talked. The owners would horribly say bad things about them, and terribly treat them badly, as an example, at shower time, they would make the homeless go all together to take a horrible shower. When World War I came, Hitler applied to the army ... ... middle of paper ... ...und with series of attacks. A few days after the fall of Berlin, Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, cowardly committed suicide to not fall in the enemies hands. They were buried in a bombed land, which was right behind the Reich Chancellery. After Hitler’s fall, was also marked as the fall of the Fascism, and his fall also marked the end of the German empire over Europe. Soon after Hitler’s death, the Cold War began in 1947. Until this days, his political acts vanished Germany lands, and East and Central Europe, and his “empire” is known by the term of “The Darkest Age,” for that in fact around 40 million people died in that time, and from the 40, 6 million of them were Jewish people. Works Cited http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/hitler.html http://www.biography.com/people/adolf-hitler-9340144?page=1 http://www.history.com/topics/adolf-hitler

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